Lapsed Insurance, it happens!

Carrying auto liability insurance is a law for all drivers, regardless of the state you live in. Short lapses in coverage happen and we understand. The important thing is that you reinstate your insurance or purchase a new policy as soon as possible.

If you find yourself without coverage because you forgot to pay the monthly premium, you should call your carrier immediately. There is a chance that your policy hasn’t been canceled yet. If your policy was canceled, ask if your policy is eligible for reinstatement. Often, carriers offer a grace period in which the policy can be reinstated. They may also offer a no-fee reinstatement period. If the policy was canceled, you’ll need to purchase another policy.

If your auto insurance has expired, your biggest concern is not having coverage. Getting into an accident without car insurance could be a life-changing event. There are also fines or driver’s license suspensions associated with driving without proper auto insurance. Not to mention your vehicle can be repossessed by the lending company for lack of insurance.

At AutoSmart Insurance, we know bad things can happen to good people. Maybe you just forgot to make the monthly premium payment or perhaps you ran upon hard financial times. AutoSmart has relationships with more than 30 carriers. Many of our carriers are currently offering late payment forgiveness or extended their non-cancellation periods. Our experienced agents can find you a great deal on a new policy or help you get that late payment made. Customer service is important to us and we’re here to help you navigate the world of auto insurance. Give AutoSmart Insurance a call today at 888-888-4189.

Taking advantage of self-quarantine time to re-shop your auto insurance

Self-quarantine is quickly becoming the new way of life for many across the globe. With all this extra time on your hands, it’s the perfect opportunity to take care of those little things you never could find time for before the COVID-19 pandemic. Why not make the most of the current situation and shop for a better rate on your auto and renters’ insurance? Let’s face it, we could all benefit from cutting our monthly expenses during these uncertain times.

Shopping online for insurance means you never have to leave the comfort and safety of your home. Companies like AutoSmart Insurance specialize in providing auto, renters and motorcycle insurance quotes online. They take on the task of seeking out the best rates from more than 30 insurance carriers. This saves you the hassle of filling out multiple quote forms on various insurance carrier websites.

When you shop online for insurance, you often don’t get the chance to ask questions about specific coverages and what they mean for your situation. Luckily, AutoSmart Insurance is more than just a pretty website and a simple quote form. They have licensed and experienced agents on hand to answer all your questions. Whether by email, text or phone, they are available to help you understand your coverage options.

If you could save an extra $30 to $50 a month on your auto insurance, would it be worth it to re-shop your policy? Absolutely! And now that you have more free time than ever before, it’s the perfect opportunity. Why not give AutoSmart Insurance a chance to save you money? Their one form and done quote process is simple and fast. They can compare rates and bind your new policy in under 20 minutes. Spend your free time wisely by saving money today with AutoSmart Insurance!

Cutting Costs During Uncertain Times

Cutting Costs During Uncertain Times

Individuals, as well as families, are bracing for the worst during this uncertain time. Our recent struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting more than just the nation’s health, but also our bank accounts. Many people are beginning to tighten their belts as mass layoffs loom due to the economic downturn. Cutting your costs now is one way to ensure that next month will look better, financially speaking. One expense that happens regularly each month is auto insurance.

Regardless of how much you are or are not traveling these days, it is still a legal requirement to have auto insurance no matter what state you live in. Shopping for a better rate on your auto insurance is a great way to start shaving down those monthly expenses. Stuck “sheltering-in-place” at home and can’t see your agent? It’s not an issue considering you can shop and compare online. Getting quality auto insurance online is easy and there are always licensed agents to help navigate the coverage options.

At AutoSmart Insurance, we want to make it easy for everyone to access quality insurance at an affordable price. We do the rate comparison for you and present you with the best prices available. Why fill out tons of forms at multiple carrier websites? AutoSmart offers one online form and we do the rest. We compare rates from more than 30 carriers. You can get your quote and purchase a policy in under 20 minutes.

Imagine taking 20 minutes out of your day to save you $30, $50 or even $100 a month on your auto insurance. If only everything in life were that easy! Cutting costs and maintaining your budget is a great way to help stretch your income during this time of unpredictability. Call 888-888-4189 to see how much you can save on your auto insurance.

Amaro and Medina Named as AutoSmart Team Leaders

Amaro and Medina Named as AutoSmart Team Leaders

AutoSmart Insurance is pleased to announce Ernie Amaro and Edgar Medina as the new team leaders of our licensed agents. This well-deserved promotion to Team Leader was effective on February 1, 2020.

Amaro and Medina bring a combined 18 years of sales experience in the insurance industry. Their strong sales and willingness to coach their fellow teammates will help strengthen the support provided to AutoSmart’s agents. This new role will also allow them to enhance their leadership skills.

We congratulate Ernie and Edgar as they embark on their new roles with the AutoSmart Insurance Agency.

Driver Discounts Make All The Difference

Driver Discounts Make All The Difference

When a licensed agent works to provide you with a quote, it’s the discounts that can help bring the rate to an even more affordable level. Carriers are offering more ways than ever for you to earn additional discounts on your policy.

Driver telematics and safe driving can bring additional savings to your monthly payments. Carriers want to reward you for being a good driver because they want to keep your business year after year.

Other discounts that may be available to you are an auto-pay or full pay discount. By setting up automatic payments or paying your policy coverage in full at the time of binding, you can get a better monthly rate than a driver who mails in a check each month. Carriers want to reward you for the financial assurance you provide by opting into such automatic payment plans.

Bundling several insurance products can also bring additional savings. Purchasing a renter’s insurance policy at the same time you purchase your auto insurance policy can yield exceptional savings. Insurance carriers would love to have you hold multiple policies under their company and they are happy to reward those customers who do.

Discount availability varies by state. A driver in Arizona may not get the same discount options as a driver in Arkansas. It’s important to talk with your insurance agent about additional discounts you could qualify for. No one wants to overpay for auto insurance, so be sure to explore all your driver discount options.