Riding Season Brings Theft Woes to The Uninsured

As the temperatures rise, riders are starting to get the itch to get on their bikes and hit the open road. With the wind in their hair they enjoy every twist and turn the pavement has to offer. The only downside to owning a motorcycle is that they can easily be stolen. In just a few minutes your sweet freedom ride can be loaded on a trailer and never seen again. This unfortunate woe has befallen many a rider in peak season.

Fortunately, good motorcycle insurance will have options in regard to how the policy pays out if your bike is stolen. For those who choose not to insure their motorcycle, perhaps because they are only weekend warriors, this is a huge mistake. Instead of a nice settlement from the insurance company, you’ll be left with nothing and you’ll still be on the hook for the loan payment.

Having insurance coverage for your motorcycle in case of theft is the only way to ensure you’ll recoup from the loss. There are usually 3 types of settlement options. Actual Cash Value pays out the cash value of the bike’s worth minus depreciation and deductible. There is also a Stated Amount option which pays the amount you selected when you bought the policy. The third option is the Agreed Value. This pays the amount you and the insurance company agreed on when you bought the policy. The amount remains fixed. This coverage is especially nice when your want to insure a custom or classic motorcycle.

Touring the open is only worth it when you and your motorcycle can be protected. Don’t let your riding season be ruined by a stolen bike incident. Long time riders know very well that this is a common occurrence and that good coverage is necessary. If you are looking for solid insurance coverage for your motorcycle, AutoSmart Insurance offers policy option from several carriers. They can keep you and your motorcycle protected at an affordable monthly rate. Give AutoSmart Insurance a call at 888-888-4189 today!

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