Policy Add-Ons That Are Totally Worth It

Policy Add-Ons That Are Totally Worth It

Most families operate on some sort of spending budget. Some have more room to splurge while others need to meticulously count every penny. Auto Insurance is a legal requirement and every household should have it listed on their budget sheets. Since you must have auto insurance, most folks compare and seek out the best rates available to them. Having a basic policy can be rather inexpensive, but the price goes up each add-on product. Some are absolutely worth the extra $10 to $15 each month.

Roadside assistance is an add-on product that you’ll wish you had if you don’t. Imagine driving home from work in the rain and then having your car sputter and shake as you attempt to safely pull to the side of the road. The car dies and you are stranded. This is where your roadside assistance comes in handy! One call and you are quickly met by a tow truck and on your way home. This could have been a costly rescue, but because you spent just a few more dollars each month, your insurance picked up the bill for this unforeseen event.

Hospital indemnity is another add-on product that is well worth a few extra dollars a month. This insurance product can be considered a type of supplemental insurance. If you’re involved in an auto accident, this product will trigger payments when specific actions associated with the hospital visit occur. In addition, you can use these cash benefits can help pay your deductible, co-pays and everyday bills.

If your household budget can spare a few dollars each month, you should consider adding these products to your auto policy. If an unexpected event happens it will be a financial relief to know you are not being saddled with a hefty bill thanks to your auto insurance add-on products. To learn more about adding roadside assistance or hospital indemnity to your auto insurance policy, give AutoSmart Insurance a call at 888-888-4189.

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