Lapsed Insurance, it happens!

Carrying auto liability insurance is a law for all drivers, regardless of the state you live in. Short lapses in coverage happen and we understand. The important thing is that you reinstate your insurance or purchase a new policy as soon as possible.

If you find yourself without coverage because you forgot to pay the monthly premium, you should call your carrier immediately. There is a chance that your policy hasn’t been canceled yet. If your policy was canceled, ask if your policy is eligible for reinstatement. Often, carriers offer a grace period in which the policy can be reinstated. They may also offer a no-fee reinstatement period. If the policy was canceled, you’ll need to purchase another policy.

If your auto insurance has expired, your biggest concern is not having coverage. Getting into an accident without car insurance could be a life-changing event. There are also fines or driver’s license suspensions associated with driving without proper auto insurance. Not to mention your vehicle can be repossessed by the lending company for lack of insurance.

At AutoSmart Insurance, we know bad things can happen to good people. Maybe you just forgot to make the monthly premium payment or perhaps you ran upon hard financial times. AutoSmart has relationships with more than 30 carriers. Many of our carriers are currently offering late payment forgiveness or extended their non-cancellation periods. Our experienced agents can find you a great deal on a new policy or help you get that late payment made. Customer service is important to us and we’re here to help you navigate the world of auto insurance. Give AutoSmart Insurance a call today at 888-888-4189.

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