Driver Discounts Make All The Difference

Driver Discounts Make All The Difference

When a licensed agent works to provide you with a quote, it’s the discounts that can help bring the rate to an even more affordable level. Carriers are offering more ways than ever for you to earn additional discounts on your policy.

Driver telematics and safe driving can bring additional savings to your monthly payments. Carriers want to reward you for being a good driver because they want to keep your business year after year.

Other discounts that may be available to you are an auto-pay or full pay discount. By setting up automatic payments or paying your policy coverage in full at the time of binding, you can get a better monthly rate than a driver who mails in a check each month. Carriers want to reward you for the financial assurance you provide by opting into such automatic payment plans.

Bundling several insurance products can also bring additional savings. Purchasing a renter’s insurance policy at the same time you purchase your auto insurance policy can yield exceptional savings. Insurance carriers would love to have you hold multiple policies under their company and they are happy to reward those customers who do.

Discount availability varies by state. A driver in Arizona may not get the same discount options as a driver in Arkansas. It’s important to talk with your insurance agent about additional discounts you could qualify for. No one wants to overpay for auto insurance, so be sure to explore all your driver discount options.

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