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AutoSmart Insurance Has So Many Ways To Save!

Save more with auto insurance discounts.

Driver Telematics Discount

Telematics is a method used to collect information about your driving habits. This is done with a mobile app or a small device provided by the insurance company. Insurance companies use telematics data to offer personalized driving feedback and discounts on your car insurance policy.

Anti-theft Device Discount

Some states offer discounts by having an approved anti-theft device on your vehicle such as a car alarm, LoJack®, OnStar®, or Teletrac® . Discounts vary depending on the type of anti-theft device and your location.

Safe Driver Discount

If you’re a safe driver, you deserve to be rewarded! Safe drivers in some states can save on car insurance simply by being accident free and keeping a clean driving record.

New Car Discount

Insuring a new car can mean big savings. Some insurance companies offer discounts for purchasing a car that is in the current model year or has only had one owner.

Full Pay Discount

Many insurance companies provide a discount if you pay your annual premium in-full. They do this because it saves the company on monthly processing costs to keep the policy active. This can be a very attractive option for policyholders who have income fluctuations throughout the year.

Auto Pay Discount

You can receive a discount when you set up an automated payment method for your monthly premium. It’s a secure and worry-free way to make your payment.

Paperless Delivery Discount

Paperless billing allows you to receive your statements electronically and saves you on monthly fees. Not to mention it can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Homeowner Discount

Taking the leap into home ownership can give you a leg up with insurance companies. Bundling your home and auto insurance can also offer multipolicy discounts in some states.

Good Credit Discount

Some states reward drivers with discounts for paying your bills on time and keeping a higher credit score. The logic behind this discount is that consumers who manage credit well also manage other aspects, such as driving behavior and car maintenance more effectively.

Occupation/Employee Discount

Depending on what state you live in, you may be eligible for an occupational discount. Farmers, educators, firefighters, police, and doctors are just a few of the occupations that can earn this discount. This is usually subject to the insurance carrier’s discretion. Business relationships can also provide discounts to subsidiary companies and their employees.

Currently Insured Discount

Having a continual auto insurance history can help you get a better rate. Having a lapse in coverage can affect your insurance rate in many states.