AutoSmart Insurance brings affordable insurance to Arizona

Dynamic provider AutoSmart Insurance brings affordable insurance to Arizonians with less than perfect driving records

AZ– When it comes to auto insurance, most consumers tend to shop around and compare pricing packages every few years. The goal is usually to have enough coverage in the event that something bad happens at an affordable rate — a tough hurdle to clear for those without perfect driving histories. Thankfully, upstart provider AutoSmart Insurance understands that accidents happen. Just because you may have a few marks on your driving record doesn’t mean you don’t deserve quality coverage at a competitive price.

AutoSmart Insurance is a premier online auto insurance agency and opened its website to consumers in early August. The company currently is licensed to sell insurance in 21 states including Arizona. AutoSmart CEO, Tim Morris says “AutoSmart’s entry into the Arizona market will provide a quality option for challenged drivers with its distinctive and smart offerings.”

The target consumer for AutoSmart Insurance is one that has a few blemishes on their driving record or has not had continuous coverage in place. While some insurance carriers can’t afford to offer coverage to such consumers, AutoSmart Insurance welcomes them with open arms and provides best-in-class customer service. They partner with regional and national insurance carriers such as Kemper, Infinity, Aspire and Dairyland. AutoSmart can provide real-time rate quotes and offer a wide variety of coverage options to consumers.

AutoSmart Insurance is a division of BridgeNet Insurance. Recognized for delivering a quote to securing a policy purchase in under 20 minutes, AutoSmart Insurance is proud to protect you and your family. Licensed agents are available to answer questions and customize coverage options to meet your needs.

To learn more about the products and services AutoSmart Insurance offers, visit or call 888-888-4189.