Auto Insurance Apps; Are They Worth The Install?

Auto Insurance Apps; Are they worth the install?

In a world of instant gratification, it’s no wonder mobile apps have become a part of our everyday lives. Apps are intended to make your life easier and offer ease of access. Almost all auto insurance companies have mobile app options these days. Do Apps really enhance the customer experience when it come to the auto insurance industry?

First, let’s explore the pros of auto insurance apps. One of the main benefits of any app is convenience. Most auto insurance apps can keep you organized and well informed about your policy. Mobile apps can also save drivers money by monitoring your driving and thus providing an additional discount. They also make it easy for you to pay your monthly payment. Another feature that users find convenient is the ability to make a claim and submit photos of damage to the insurance company. This helps to speed up the claims process.

However, all that glitters often is not gold. One con of an auto insurance app that is that it won’t update you if a better rate becomes available with another carrier. Most apps are specific to just one insurance company. Also, there is a chance that your device may not support your chosen carriers app. Technology is ever evolving and your phone might have an older operating system and the desired app won’t function or even install.

With insurance apps, the pros seem to outweigh the cons. Our fast-paced lifestyles seem to adopt technology easily and crave convenience. Insurance carriers have joined the app movement to enhance the customer experience and provide a level of convenience that was once non-existent in the insurance industry. After all, auto insurance carriers want to keep customers happy and retain their business year after year. A mobile app is a way to stay connected to you and make doing business with them as convenient as possible.

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