Financial Responsibility Filing and Your Auto Insurance

Usually auto insurance is pretty cut and dry. Your age, marital status and past driving history are all considered when getting an insurance quote. You provide basic information like name, address, and VIN number, then “Viola!” you have coverage. However, if you had a recent DUI, DWI or were in an accident with no insurance, you’ll be required to provide more than just the basics. Depending on your state the form may have a name like SR-22 or FR-44 but is known as a Financial Responsibility Filing form.

Why Is A Financial Responsibility Filing Required?

If you were in an accident and had no auto insurance, you’ll be required to prove to the state that you are maintaining a proper policy. You’ll also need this form if you have had a DUI, DWI, been charged with reckless driving or are considered a high-risk driver.

What is an SR-22?

An SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility that verifies the insured is carrying the state-mandated amount of car insurance. This is a guarantee from the insurance company to the state that you are maintaining coverage and can be financially responsible for accidents. Your insurance company will let the state know if you do not maintain the coverage.

Where To Get A Financial Responsibility Filing

If you need an SR-22 and your carrier does not offer it, you can opt to buy an SR-22 non-owner policy from a second party. The policy with your main carrier is your primary policy and the second party would be able to secure a Financial Responsibility Filing with the state.

Providing this extra documentation can seem like a hassle, but the Department of Motor Vehicle needs this supporting documentation as a safety measure. This assurance will assist with maintaining your ability to keep a valid driver’s license in your state. The good news is you won’t be required to carry this document forever. If you can maintain a good driving record and continuously carry the appropriate amount of auto insurance coverage, your good standings will be returned, and you’ll no longer be required to have the Financial Responsibility Filing.

Forgot To Make Your Payment: You Still have Options

We’ve all heard the phrase “life happens”. Sometimes you run late to appointments or it rains on your Saturday afternoon picnic. We’ve all experienced life moments that have caught us by surprise. One day you’re going about your day and BOOM, out of the blue you realize you completely forgot to make your auto insurance payment for the month. You begin to stress and worry about your lapsed coverage, but eventually, pick up the phone and call your insurance carrier.


The good news is, you’re not the only one who has ever been consumed with the happenings of life and forgot to make a payment. The even better news is that your insurance carrier understands. Carriers realize people are only human and mistakes happen. Fortunately, many carriers offer grace periods where they can reinstate your lapsed coverage.


Let’s assume you are outside of the grace period your carrier offers for a quick reinstatement of your policy. Your coverage may have already gone into a canceled policy status. Never fear, your carrier will be happy to requote and rewrite your policy. Depending on the carrier, additional fees may or may not be applicable. Either way, you’ll be covered and have a policy in good standing again.


The best way to avoid accidentally forgetting to make your insurance payment it to set your account up to automatic withdrawal. This will give you peace of mind that you’ll never forget another monthly payment again! Remember, forgetting to make your auto insurance payment isn’t the end of the world, but you will have to take the time to call and work out the issue with your insurance carrier. AutoSmart Insurance makes it easy to set up your auto insurance to autopay. Call AutoSmart at 855-960-0819 to set your policy to autopay and never worry about a late payment again!

Driver Discounts Anyone Can Qualify For!

Saving money seems to be everyone’s top priority these days. Every penny saved can help make sure you have a little financial cushion in case of an emergency. One easy way to save money each month is to shop your auto insurance for a better rate that includes driver discounts. Insurance carriers offer a lot of driver discounts. Some discounts are harder to get than others, but here a few that anyone can qualify for fairly easily.

AutoPay Discount

Everyone is eligible for this discount simply by setting up an automated payment method for your monthly premium. This is a great way to ensure you never miss a payment and it gives you a nice discount too.

Paperless Delivery Discount

If you’re tech-savvy and comfortable with online billing, paperless delivery should be your go-to method for managing your bill each month. Carriers offer mobile apps and digital online accounts that hold all your documents and premium invoices. You’ll never need to have anything mailed to you and you’ll be helping save some trees.

Homeowner Discount

Insurance companies view homeowners as more financially stable. People who regularly make payments on larger loans typically have good credit. Simply by owning a home, this makes you more favorable to an insurance carrier and thus they are happy to provide an additional discount. Anyone who owns a home is eligible for this type of discount.

It’s easy to get a more affordable price on your insurance with these driver discounts. You don’t have to be with the same insurance company for years and years just to earn these discounts. You can start saving immediately just by enrolling in these discounts with your insurance carrier. If you would like to see how many discounts you are eligible for, then give AutoSmart Insurance a call today! 888-888-4189

The Scoop On Roadside Assistance


With most of the country finding more free moments available, it’s the perfect time to do all those things you never had time to do before. We’re not talking about cleaning out the closets or garage. We are talking about serious things! Like really understanding what your insurance coverage is getting you. You are paying for add-on insurance products like Roadside Assistance, but what does that get you. Let’s break it down and answer a few common questions.

How far can I have the vehicle towed using my Roadside Assistance plan?

It depends on your policy. Sometimes the tow truck will only take you to the nearest repair facility. Other times you can choose where you want the vehicle towed. It could be from 1 mile up to 100 miles.

Where does the Roadside plan provide coverage?

Roadside assistance plans usually provide coverage throughout the United States. Hawaii and Alaska may have restrictions and you should confirm with your insurance carrier.

How do I use the Roadside plan I purchased?

Most plans have a toll-free number that can be used 24/7. Nowadays, some carriers even offer mobile apps that can connect you to the service.

How long do I have to wait for assistance to come?

It depends on how far away you are and if the tow truck is immediately available. Most often than not, someone should meet you within the hour. However, several variables could affect the actual time you wait for assistance including weather and traffic.

Now that you see how easy it is to use your Roadside Assistance plan, you’ll be prepared when you need to put it into action. Figuring it out while you are stranded on the side of the road is never a good idea and you’ll be better off being prepared for a break-down emergency. AutoSmart Insurance offers Roadside Assistance for as low as $10 a month. Call us at 888-888-4189 or visit us online at


Riding Season Brings Theft Woes to The Uninsured

As the temperatures rise, riders are starting to get the itch to get on their bikes and hit the open road. With the wind in their hair they enjoy every twist and turn the pavement has to offer. The only downside to owning a motorcycle is that they can easily be stolen. In just a few minutes your sweet freedom ride can be loaded on a trailer and never seen again. This unfortunate woe has befallen many a rider in peak season.

Fortunately, good motorcycle insurance will have options in regard to how the policy pays out if your bike is stolen. For those who choose not to insure their motorcycle, perhaps because they are only weekend warriors, this is a huge mistake. Instead of a nice settlement from the insurance company, you’ll be left with nothing and you’ll still be on the hook for the loan payment.

Having insurance coverage for your motorcycle in case of theft is the only way to ensure you’ll recoup from the loss. There are usually 3 types of settlement options. Actual Cash Value pays out the cash value of the bike’s worth minus depreciation and deductible. There is also a Stated Amount option which pays the amount you selected when you bought the policy. The third option is the Agreed Value. This pays the amount you and the insurance company agreed on when you bought the policy. The amount remains fixed. This coverage is especially nice when your want to insure a custom or classic motorcycle.

Touring the open is only worth it when you and your motorcycle can be protected. Don’t let your riding season be ruined by a stolen bike incident. Long time riders know very well that this is a common occurrence and that good coverage is necessary. If you are looking for solid insurance coverage for your motorcycle, AutoSmart Insurance offers policy option from several carriers. They can keep you and your motorcycle protected at an affordable monthly rate. Give AutoSmart Insurance a call at 888-888-4189 today!