Driver Discounts Make All The Difference

Driver Discounts Make All The Difference

When a licensed agent works to provide you with a quote, it’s the discounts that can help bring the rate to an even more affordable level. Carriers are offering more ways than ever for you to earn additional discounts on your policy.

Driver telematics and safe driving can bring additional savings to your monthly payments. Carriers want to reward you for being a good driver because they want to keep your business year after year.

Other discounts that may be available to you are an auto-pay or full pay discount. By setting up automatic payments or paying your policy coverage in full at the time of binding, you can get a better monthly rate than a driver who mails in a check each month. Carriers want to reward you for the financial assurance you provide by opting into such automatic payment plans.

Bundling several insurance products can also bring additional savings. Purchasing a renter’s insurance policy at the same time you purchase your auto insurance policy can yield exceptional savings. Insurance carriers would love to have you hold multiple policies under their company and they are happy to reward those customers who do.

Discount availability varies by state. A driver in Arizona may not get the same discount options as a driver in Arkansas. It’s important to talk with your insurance agent about additional discounts you could qualify for. No one wants to overpay for auto insurance, so be sure to explore all your driver discount options.

AutoSmart Customer Service Gains A New Leader

Meet Ileana Portillo

Meet AutoSmart Insurance Agency’s customer service supervisor, Ileana Portillo. When she was growing up, she thought becoming a teacher was the most interesting job the world had to offer. That is, until she entered the world of auto insurance! Ileana loves her job because everyone on the AutoSmart team shares the same vision and dedication to helping customers. She says you can always count on her to be realistic, reliable and resourceful!

When Ileana isn’t helping AutoSmart customers, she can be found spending time with family or traveling. She enjoys new experiences, places and cultures. She also has a passion for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the work they do to help terminally ill children.

“Do what is right, not what is easy” is a piece of advice once given to Ileana that really left its mark with her. If you have questions about your policy or need assistance, then give Ileana Portillo a call today at 855-960-0819.

AutoSmart Insurance brings affordable insurance to Arizona

Dynamic provider AutoSmart Insurance brings affordable insurance to Arizonians with less than perfect driving records

AZ– When it comes to auto insurance, most consumers tend to shop around and compare pricing packages every few years. The goal is usually to have enough coverage in the event that something bad happens at an affordable rate — a tough hurdle to clear for those without perfect driving histories. Thankfully, upstart provider AutoSmart Insurance understands that accidents happen. Just because you may have a few marks on your driving record doesn’t mean you don’t deserve quality coverage at a competitive price.

AutoSmart Insurance is a premier online auto insurance agency and opened its website to consumers in early August. The company currently is licensed to sell insurance in 21 states including Arizona. AutoSmart CEO, Tim Morris says “AutoSmart’s entry into the Arizona market will provide a quality option for challenged drivers with its distinctive and smart offerings.”

The target consumer for AutoSmart Insurance is one that has a few blemishes on their driving record or has not had continuous coverage in place. While some insurance carriers can’t afford to offer coverage to such consumers, AutoSmart Insurance welcomes them with open arms and provides best-in-class customer service. They partner with regional and national insurance carriers such as Kemper, Infinity, Aspire and Dairyland. AutoSmart can provide real-time rate quotes and offer a wide variety of coverage options to consumers.

AutoSmart Insurance is a division of BridgeNet Insurance. Recognized for delivering a quote to securing a policy purchase in under 20 minutes, AutoSmart Insurance is proud to protect you and your family. Licensed agents are available to answer questions and customize coverage options to meet your needs.

To learn more about the products and services AutoSmart Insurance offers, visit or call 888-888-4189.

Policy Add-Ons That Are Totally Worth It

Policy Add-Ons That Are Totally Worth It

Most families operate on some sort of spending budget. Some have more room to splurge while others need to meticulously count every penny. Auto Insurance is a legal requirement and every household should have it listed on their budget sheets. Since you must have auto insurance, most folks compare and seek out the best rates available to them. Having a basic policy can be rather inexpensive, but the price goes up each add-on product. Some are absolutely worth the extra $10 to $15 each month.

Roadside assistance is an add-on product that you’ll wish you had if you don’t. Imagine driving home from work in the rain and then having your car sputter and shake as you attempt to safely pull to the side of the road. The car dies and you are stranded. This is where your roadside assistance comes in handy! One call and you are quickly met by a tow truck and on your way home. This could have been a costly rescue, but because you spent just a few more dollars each month, your insurance picked up the bill for this unforeseen event.

Hospital indemnity is another add-on product that is well worth a few extra dollars a month. This insurance product can be considered a type of supplemental insurance. If you’re involved in an auto accident, this product will trigger payments when specific actions associated with the hospital visit occur. In addition, you can use these cash benefits can help pay your deductible, co-pays and everyday bills.

If your household budget can spare a few dollars each month, you should consider adding these products to your auto policy. If an unexpected event happens it will be a financial relief to know you are not being saddled with a hefty bill thanks to your auto insurance add-on products. To learn more about adding roadside assistance or hospital indemnity to your auto insurance policy, give AutoSmart Insurance a call at 888-888-4189.

Auto Insurance Apps; Are They Worth The Install?

Auto Insurance Apps; Are they worth the install?

In a world of instant gratification, it’s no wonder mobile apps have become a part of our everyday lives. Apps are intended to make your life easier and offer ease of access. Almost all auto insurance companies have mobile app options these days. Do Apps really enhance the customer experience when it come to the auto insurance industry?

First, let’s explore the pros of auto insurance apps. One of the main benefits of any app is convenience. Most auto insurance apps can keep you organized and well informed about your policy. Mobile apps can also save drivers money by monitoring your driving and thus providing an additional discount. They also make it easy for you to pay your monthly payment. Another feature that users find convenient is the ability to make a claim and submit photos of damage to the insurance company. This helps to speed up the claims process.

However, all that glitters often is not gold. One con of an auto insurance app that is that it won’t update you if a better rate becomes available with another carrier. Most apps are specific to just one insurance company. Also, there is a chance that your device may not support your chosen carriers app. Technology is ever evolving and your phone might have an older operating system and the desired app won’t function or even install.

With insurance apps, the pros seem to outweigh the cons. Our fast-paced lifestyles seem to adopt technology easily and crave convenience. Insurance carriers have joined the app movement to enhance the customer experience and provide a level of convenience that was once non-existent in the insurance industry. After all, auto insurance carriers want to keep customers happy and retain their business year after year. A mobile app is a way to stay connected to you and make doing business with them as convenient as possible.